Slaying the dragon

Matt E. went, saw, and conquered in St George UT. On one of the most feared courses of the Ironman circuit, Matt perfectly executed the race strategy he had trained for over the past few months, to finish his first Ironman in 12.09, in hot and windy conditions. I will paraphrase him a bit: the swim was easy and went by fast in 1.07, the bike was tough with stronger winds on the second lap (6.06), and the run was so tough that “it should be illegal”. Matt went into survival mode after the end of the first lap to finish in 4.49, and take 78th in the 35-39 AG.

I definitely like this as a first post. As a coach, it is always extremely gratifying to see one of your athletes doing exactly what you knew he was capable of, and delivering the great performance he has worked hard for. Although, let’s face it: Matt is tough. There was never a doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t be at the finish! Congratulations Matt, you are an … can’t say it; I think it’s trademarked.


One thought on “Slaying the dragon

  1. Congrats Matt!! That is quite an accomplishment and an inspiration to many. Francois, congrats to you as a coach as well…!!!

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