At the races

Several athletes were racing this past weekend. Nick B. was racing the flower festival in SC over the Olympic distance. Nick is a tough athlete, and even though we’ve started working together recently, I always expect him to do well. And he delivered. A solid swim, a sub 1h bike ride, despite a 2min nap on the ground consecutive to a crash, and a 39min run, were good enough for a 6th overall. Not bad after losing some time, lying on the ground, in a daze. Very promising for the rest of the season. But Nick, please, keep the rubber down!

Daryl L. had a good showing to finish an Olympic distance in 2:10 and change. Now, we just need to get Daryl to convert that top end speed over 200-400 into some reasonable speed over a 10km.

Last, not in the already raced category, but in the I’m going to race category, Jon D. signed up for his second Ironman, in beautiful Mont Tremblant, in Quebec. Having spent time there in the mid 90s, I am definitely jealous. It is a gorgeous area, and the Quebecois will surely put on a fantastic race.


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