Columbus time trial

Today was an occasion to test my legs over a 30km time trial (18.6mi for my unit-challenged friends). I somewhat decided to race it at the last minute, as in at 8am when leaving the house for a 9am start. A bit sleep deprived, tired, and a fair amount of running in 40C temperature all week, made me realize it wasn’t going to be my best time trial ever very quickly.

I rolled easy 1h before the race started to the race site and saw discs, aero helmets, skinsuits, shoe covers and all. Oopsie, so it’s serious stuff right? Aero helmet? No check. Disc? No check. Skinsuit? No check? Shoe covers? Come on, it’s warm enough already! There went a good 70 to 80 seconds, to add to the good minute my legs wouldn’t be willing to give.

Started well, solid first 8km, and then it just got slower over the rest. Never got into a rhythm, caught up my 1min man and 3min man but 2min man was riding well. He won all cats in 40.55 and I had to be content with second place in 41.13 and a rather slow 44km/h. Next time, full aero stuff and more sleep. On a positive note, I didn’t go off course.


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