10 things I love about triathlon.

A little preamble: I am writing this for myself. Reading it will probably be a waste of time for anybody else. It will probably give some ideas as to why you love the sport if you are a triathlete (or biker, runner…)
and it will certainly confirmed to you that I am a bit nuts if you aren’t into endurance sports. I am not quite sure why you would be reading anything on this blog however, if this were the case. Anyhow, unfiltered, unedited,
and in no particular order, here it is.

1. I love the great friends I have made through our little fringe sport (Chamach, Nick, Olaf, Bobby the Pohmmy, Brian,…) I wish I’d see them more often.

2. I love bike bling…powermeters, fancy aero bikes, aero water bottles, carbon junk, ceramic bearings that have no impact on performance whatsoever unless I hit 10,000rpm, GPS, all of it!

3. I love that I can shave my legs and have an excuse to do it (it’s faster, it’s for massages, it’s to avoid infections if I crash…no, it’s because I like it.)

4. I love that I can go on a 5h bike ride, followed with an 1h run on a Sunday, be trashed for the rest of the day that I spend napping and eating.

5. Back to eating…I love that I can eat anything in huge amounts (when my stomach allows.)

6. I love to pick races in exotic places. New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Wisc…hmm…no, not Wisconsin. OK, I will race IM South Africa and Lanzarote some day.

7. I love that I can be average in all 3 sports and still give the impression I’m actually good at one of them.

8. I love to workout. Really. It’s my dream job.

9. I love to go to training camps. I haven’t done it in a long time. I miss that.

10. I really love the great friends I made. A training camp is in order!


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