End of season racing

This time of year seems to be the time when everyone, in a moment total irrationality, decides ‘hey, let’s eat ourselves to death, and January 1st, we’ll start a diet.’ Typically what happens is that they lose some of the weight they put on, but not all of it. Americans report gaining 5 to 7lbs per holiday period, every year. A 2000 New England Journal of Medicine reports that the actual weight gain is 1lbs per person, on average. After 30 years, it’ll start to add up. In France, we have a delicacy called ‘foie gras.’ Goose liver made as a paté. Delicious. The way the liver is ‘prepared’ is rather cruel though and the geese are force-fed over several months. You have a choice. Don’t be the willing goose this holiday season.

Anyhow, I will now get off my soapbox and talk about the actual topic (it’s early, and I’m still having coffee.) I had one last race this season. A small local duathlon. 5km run – 25km ride – 5km run. I won by 4min, gaining most of my time on the bike and the second run. Not a big race at all, but a good way to end the season. And I got a really nice email yesterday from one of my athletes, Arnaud. Arnaud just raced Oilman, over the half Ironman distance. Despite a very busy schedule, Arnaud clocked a 5.00.33, with still a wide margin for improvement, and just a few weeks of us working together. So, I’m calling it here: Arnaud, 10hrs at Ironman Texas, and a Kona slot. That was a very solid performance. Good enough for 18th overall, and 3rd in AG. One more to race next week in Florida, and that will be time to wrap it up for 2011, and look ahead at 2012.


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