Shoe review: Inov-8 Bare-X Lite 150

With all the craze about barefoot running, it’s not a surprise that more people have been mentioning this UK based shoe company. Without going into a (necessary) lengthy discussion about barefoot running, let’s look at the Bare-X Lite 150.
Here is the short version of the review: really cool shoe, I like it a lot, I run well in it, it’s functional, and, most importantly, it matches my outfits.

So, what’s cool about this shoe? First, if you like minimalistic shoes, you will love this shoe. It has a 0-rise between the forefoot and the heel

Second, it’s very light (6oz or so, which to me means nothing, since I don’t use these weird units, but it’s pretty light).
The sole is very flexible in every possible way, which is great if you like a very quick dynamic foot strike. The forefoot of the shoe is rather large. That will please runners with large feet. And hobbits. Another really cool feature is the lacing system. Something triathletes will be happy to have. That said, it’s probably not an ideal shoe for heavy runners (at least beyond 5-10km) given the minimal cushioning. And you surely don’t want to try it on the road in rainy conditions. The sole has very little grip. It will work fine on a dry road, but on wet roads, you’ll feel like you’re in the NHL. And you’ll probably hit something and go face down. That’ll make for a great facebook picture though.

Anyhow, beyond the looks, I actually took them for a run. Little warm up, followed with a 5x1mi descending from 11mph to 11.5mph, 3min easy jog in between. The shoes felt amazing. Light, responsive, and I really enjoyed the true 0-rise shoe. They are probably fine to run in without socks. All in all a great shoe. At just over $100, it’s a little bit on the expensive side. Blame it on the current exchange rate between the $ and the £. Stay tuned for a review of the trail counterpart of the Bare-X 150 lite. It’s red. It’s flashy. And it still matches my outfits.


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