A still mind in 2012

Today, a friend of mine posted a New York Times article on his facebook. The Joy of Quiet addresses the issues of being overly connected, among other things. In particular, it mentions the proliferation of expensive fancy resorts where you have to pay a lot to NOT have something, namely, connectivity. Cool idea! I love it. That said, why would I pay to not get something, when I can simply put my laptop and my cell phone away for the weekend? OK, not that easy. It requires a bit of discipline.

Anyhow, this article got me thinking. I am happy when my mind is quiet, when I can focus on the people and things that matter to me. Now that I think about it, I didn’t have a computer at home until late 2001 (the same year I got my first driver’s license). And I had my first cell phone only 6 years ago. How did I live before that? Hmmm…just fine. Really. Just fine. More time to focus on my friends and loved ones. More time to read. More time to workout. More time for what I really enjoy.

After reading this article, I very fashionably decided to add a new New Year resolution: the only connectivity I will get from Friday 9pm to Monday 6am will be with the people close enough that I can hear them talk. Sure, it comes with some (minor) disadvantages. If I get 3 flats on a ride, I could get stranded, and have a long walk ahead of me. That also means a bit more planning. Send my training plans on Friday at the latest. Organize dinners, movies, coffees, etc. ahead of time. And no chance to text so say ‘hey sorry, I’m running late’. I will just have to be on time.

What I expect from this is: less communication, but of much higher quality, more time for reflection and deep thinking, and a quieter mind. As an aside, Simon

will not have to wait that I am done playing my next move at words with friends to go on with our walk.

2012 is going to be a fabulous year.


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