The season that was

That’s not really the end of the season, far from it. However, I haven’t written anything in ages, and it’s time to update a bit. I have to say that as a coach, this season has been extremely satisfying.

Jonathan went from not being able to run at all because of an injury, to finisher at Ironman Mont-Tremblant. He didn’t go fast. But he got the job done.

Tona slashed all his times: over 40min in a half-Ironman, with a close to sub-5h performance. Here he is with a big smile on his face 😉

He followed that with a 12min improvement at Hy-Vee. Now, I just have to convince him to race an Ironman next season.

Arnaud started the season in style with a sub-3h marathon, and followed this with solid 10h15 at Ironman Texas; an improvement of 1h06′ compared to 2011. The sub-10hrs is getting closer, and I’m expecting this for next year. Gretchen was there too. I tricked her into doing Ironman Texas, and she put a very solid performance for her first Ironman ever, breaking the 12hr mark, despite suffering a lot on the run.

Then Kristoph…well, let’s leave him out of this for the moment, and let’s go back to him Sunday evening. Others are racing soon too. Rob is racing his first Half in Soma next month. Maya is racing her first Olympic distance shortly as well. Brooks has improved a lot this season, but had to cut the season short. And I will be racing Ironman Arizona in a couple of months. I can’t wait to swim in beautiful Tempe Town Lake 😉


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