Big Racing

Two of my athletes were racing this weekend. Rob was heading out to San Diego for the SD Tri, following a strong showing at the Eagle In The Sun Sprint Triathlon in El Paso. Rob was a tad disappointed with the racing there because, despite some very solid training, he finished in the same time as 2011. Given the amount of training done lately, and no taper to speak of for EITS, I was expecting this, but was still glad with his performance. We followed this race with a real taper, that will be used for the SOMA half in October. A few weeks after the NYC Tri, Rob shaved a total of 15min to his OD time, improving his run by 7min, and taking 3rd overall in the clydesdale division (Rob is about 3 feet taller than me, and around 50lbs heavier…I’d rather take him in a triathlon than in football)! That is some serious butt kicking, and suggests a very strong performance to come next Month in Tempe, AZ. I am guessing he might be starting to believe that indeed, an Ironman in 2013 is a definite possibility…(no pressure mate).

The other athlete, Kristoph was racing the Ironman Distance, Rev3 in Cedar Point. That was a decision made later in the year after some serious improvement during the season. A very solid preparation, a fair amount of suffering in training yielded a finish time of 9h56, a whole 1h31 faster than Kristoph’s fastest Ironman thus far, 40min faster on the run, 50min faster on the bike, in very windy conditions! I felt very proud, in particular when I read ‘I kept thinking that it was still easier than one of François’ workouts’ on his Facebook.


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