2013 Season

After a somewhat disappointing end of my season, sidelined, sick for 3 weeks, I’m getting ready for a pretty solid season for 2013:

1. Lubbock 70.3, June 30. Not an exciting course, but guaranteed to not be cold.

2. Leadman Bend 250, September 21. An exciting course, but guaranteed to be cold. Hmmm…

3. PumpkinMan, late October. Henderson, NV.

4. Ironman Arizona, November 17. The race filled up in record time. Apparently, after on site registration was over, the race filled up in 40 seconds! Somehow, I got in, and so did Jeff and Corey, two new recruit for 2013. Definitely a less scenic course than Los Cabos, or even Embrun, or Canada, but probably one of the most spectator friendly WTC races out there.

As Arizona filled up, I also filled up all my coaching slots for 2013.

On the calendar:

Ironman Mont Tremblant in August: Kristoph, Dan, and Mike will all be racing, with a clear goal for Kristoph: Kona!

Ironman Canada moved from Penticton to Whistler: Stefan and Owen will be racing.

Although there are no Ironman plans in the work for Maya, Shane, and Jon right now, I still have Rob (for whom I’ve kept a coaching slot, just in case), and Tona on the fence about Ironman next season. All I have to say is: you’ll be ready! Just sign up!


One thought on “2013 Season

  1. Hi, I have read some of your blog and find it very informativ. Thanks for sharing!
    I´ll look for you in Del Carbo – who knows maybe your wife and my wife end up drinking mararitas together in the WIP area 🙂
    You seem to be well trained – are you not trying to qualify for Kona?
    Best regards
    Peter Kaufmann – Denmark.

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