What’s your number? (totally random rambling…)

Recently, I read an article about ‘your number’. No, not the number referenced in that horrendous movie with Anna Faris, the number to just stop working completely, not necessarily because your job isn’t fantastic, but just because there are many amazing things to do, and with the time we have, we need to prioritize. A quick back-of-the-envelop calculation told me that with around $4M, I’m good. Invest $3.5M at 3% gets you $105,000 per year, and with the remaining $500K, you buy a nice place, pay all outstanding debts. Easy. Still have to pay taxes, medical insurance, plus a bunch of other stuff, but you live very very well the rest of your life and still leave a pile of cash to your kids when you say farewell.

I tried to finance it with Texas Lottery, but the odds are slightly not in my favor. But the real question is not about the number. It’s about what would you do if you hit your number? I just checked our bank account, so I know that I’d see a lot more RueLaLa orders, and I would get a powermeter for my road bike, a mountain bike, a fixie in case we moved to Portland (it’s illegal to live in Portland and not own a fixie, and a bunch of recycled stuff). To go back to the original question, you have to ask yourself: what makes me really happy? For me, it’s rather simple. Spend time with my family, chatting with Maya, trying to have a discussion with Gabriel without wondering if he is a human copy of Hammy the squirrel from the excellent “Over the Hedge”

and of course, be training long hours, be healthy, having the time to go to the market get fresh produce, time to cook, and time to smell the roses, and preferably some place that looks like this:

or like that:

That’s for the obvious. I thoroughly enjoy the time spent coaching. It’s a really nice feeling to build a relationship with a person (whether a Kona qualifier, or a complete beginner just starting triathlon to lose weight), to design a program to reach specific goals, to witness the improvements, the excitement of reaching the goals, and ultimately to realize that you contributed partly to someone’s health and happiness. This year, I have 15 athletes I am working with. Some are crazy and run entire half marathons on the treadmill because they can’t read a calendar right. Others send me hate messages in the morning, and love notes in the evening. And some have an incredible passion for life, and I am honored to coach them (Megan, that’s you). But whatever the reasons they got into the sport, coaching is one thing that will stay on my list of things I do when I hit my number.


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