IMTX and Zofingen

Two big races this week: Ironman Texas and American Zofingen, and definitely not the same conditions.
Arnaud was tackling Ironman Texas for the 3rd time this year with very realistic goals to break the 10hr mark by a handful or minutes. However, Ironman racing doesn’t let you always do what you want. After a swim 4min faster than last year, Arnaud posted a solid 5.12 bike split, despite a flat costing him about 7min. A bit faster than last year without a flat. Unfortunately, a uncooperating diaphragm made the run much slower than anticipated, and despite big improvements on the run this year and a low 2.50 marathon in Houston, Arnaud was reduced to slow running and walking, in very hot conditions. Nonetheless, he still clocked a 10:30 for 19th in his AG (same as last year). It’s only a matter of time before he can smash the 10hr mark, without breathing issues, and in cooler conditions. The quote of the day post race was this: “Thanks for everything, François. I’m a little disappointed by the run, as I don’t think it reflects all the progress we made this year, but it’s been a lot of fun getting here.”

A couple of thousand miles away, Corey was recovered from a 2.53 Boston Marathon, and ready to tackle the middle distance of American Zofingen. For those who’ve never raced a duathlon, 2 things: 1) they are much tougher on the legs than triathlons. 2) American Zofingen is a classic and a must-do, in New Paltz, NY. Hilly on the bike, hilly on both runs. Cold. Corey raced conservatively, and went a full 40min faster than last year, despite just starting more tri specific training, versus the more run oriented training of the past few months. Very promising with IMAZ coming in November. Good enough for 6th OA and 3rd AG.


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