Some more results

First, a big congrats to Owen S. who improved by a solid 20min over the Half IM distance, last weekend, at the Shawnigan Lake Half Ironman, dropping to a 4h55 personal best. After a somewhat slow start this season, and a couple of setbacks, this is going in the right direction at last.

This weekend, Mike C. decided to race against coach’s advice, but still did pretty good. Nowhere near where he should be, but after some unexplainable health issues, straight out of the X-Files, it’s good to have him back racing and moving. Jeff B. took 14th OA at the ripe age of 65, and managed to improve by 4min40 over a sprint distance, 11min minutes from the 25yo winner. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me! Little disappointment for always consistent Kristoph who tackled Quassy Rev3 Half Ironman, and just had an off day. It happens, yet, it’s very difficult as a coach to take this as anything else but a failure on our end. Was there too much work done, not enough rest? Did I overlook something important? Surely, Kristoph and I will talk in the coming week to figure out what happened. Finally, Corey took 6th OA at the Great South Bay Sprint Tri, with a very solid run, as usual this season.

All in all, a pretty good coaching week.


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