Casey’s Austin 70.3 Race Report

Since I’ve really been slacking with updates (mostly because there are way too many things going on at the moment), here is the easy way out: Casey kicks butts at Austin 70.3, and achieves his first next year’s goal already. Time to rethink the goals for 2014 mate!

Pre-Race: I was very nervous for the weeks prior to the race. I had been going for Sub-5 for years and had never been able to achieve it. I felt this was my best shot. I wasn’t able to eat much race morning, but did eat a few grapes and about 180 calories of Gu Chomps. My wave did not go off for over an after the race started, so I had a lot of waiting around to do. Parking was a nightmare. I made it to transition with 15 minutes to set up.

Swim: 35:00 minutes. I got out fast, but had issues staying on course. I felt like I could have swam straighter. I accidentally started then stopped my watch during the beginning of the swim so I have no swim data. I also had no overall swim time. Much of the back half of the swim was spent passing earlier waves of swimmers. I tried to stay calm and not burn all of my energy.

T1: When we came out of the water I asked a guy in my wave what our time was so I had an idea that I came out at 35:00. The run up to T1 was very long and transition was muddy. Everyone had to carry their bikes in T1 to avoid stickers.

Bike: 2:34:49. I couldn’t clip during the first ½ mile due to mud in my cleats. I stopped at that point and had a volunteer help me clean them out. I tried not to go too fast early, but averaged 220 watts (92% FTP) during the first 20 minutes, so I knew I had to back off. At that point, I settled in and tried to relax. The power meter helped tremendously. Much of the bike was spent passing earlier waves. At about the 2 hour point things cleared up and I was able to push by myself for 30 minutes. I averaged 214 watts (89% FTP) during that stretch. Biking outside is much different than on the trainer. The trainer is more a steady consistent effort. Outside comes with harder efforts with micro rests. Much more akin to interval sessions.

T2: I was happy with my time when I got to T2 and felt I had a chance at Sub 5. I still was not 100% sure of my overall time, but I knew I was close to 3:15.

Run: 1:41:00. It is a hilly run course and I took the first two miles far too fast. At that point, I tried to find my rhythm and settle in. I tried to keep a steady pace and rhythm the entire run and was able to do so. I felt comfortable at a 7:42 average. I kept watching my current pace and average pace. I tried not to deviate too far from the mean. I tried to keep my feet dry, which I was able to do. I am used to being passed on the run. Now I am the guy doing the passing. It was a nice feeling. I felt as if I had the energy for the entire run and only ran out of energy around mile 11. At that point, I ran on adrenaline which was enough to carry me to the finish line.

And that's the smile of a first sub-5h Half IM

And that’s the smile of a first sub-5h Half IM

Post Race: At this point, I am sore, but excited about getting faster. I am already looking forward to next season.